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Readings & Energy Healings:


These are done by phone in the U.S. or Skype if out of the country.  Phone readings are recorded and you will be provided a link.  You have several time choices:  15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.  Click "Services & Fees" to see the charges.


Testimonials About The Readings:


Just to let you know the reading you did for me came true.  I
met and mar
ried the most wonderful man. You were even
correct on the month. 😊 This July we will be married three years.

LWR, San Marcos, CA

Nataya is a great Soul, sensitive and knowledgeable of the spirit realms. I have known her for over 20 years. She is the real deal, a kind and compassionate Soul, empowered to help you in many ways!

B.S., Pensacola, FL

Nataya is one of the best psychics I've ever had a reading from. In addition, she has an incredibly loving heart and is always looking out for her client's best interest. I highly recommend her. 

Dr. K.H., FL

Just wanted to share positive friend was delighted with her reading with you.  I quote: "She is divine and joyous! What great energy! A wonderful powerful reading!"


You made the biggest impact in my daughter's life for her to see her self worth! Thank you. Much Love!

A.O., Jacksonville, Florida

Superior! Excellent! Professional! Friendly! Right on! What can I say?  The Best reading I ever had.  DO NOT MISS READING WITH THIS WOMAN!  A gazillion stars! 

R.A., San Francisco, CA

Outstanding!!!!!!! Truly the best, most informative, thorough reading I ever had.  She explains the how and why along with such sincere positive energy.  Everyone should call her for a reading...NOW!!!!     I will definitely call her again.

L.T., Austin, TX


Thank you from the depths of my/our soul for all your love and encouragement along the you know it's been a challenging and rough hill to climb. Finally, we are just dipping our toes into the pool of beauty that we've created from the mountains of suffering we've cleared. You have been an angel along the way who's light has always shined so bright! We love you!!!! 💜❤💜

M.M & S.M., Indianapolis, IN


I got divorced.  It was pretty awful.  Many years ago you did a reading in that you told me that my then husband and I wouldn't last and at the time I just simple did not believe it because we were so "meant to be" and so perfect for one another.  Well it happened. I cannot believe how true that old reading was and here I am as complete and utter living proof of your AMAZING GIFT!!!

T.B., Phoenix, AZ

There simply aren't enough ways to express my gratitude for the "Reading" I received from Nataya. I've been at a very critical point in my life regarding a personal relationship and work. I've had several astrological and psychic readings from other very capable readers for guidance regarding these matters, leaving me feeling more confused and frustrated. Finally, with Nataya's help, I now have the clarity needed to move forward 'with joy in my heart.'  


Her readings come from a clean and clear source, removing any personal filter that often colors readings from individuals, who, with no intended malice, may be projecting their doubts and fears based on their subjective views and interpretation.  I speak from many years of experience and highly recommend a "Reading" from Nataya. It could change your life! 

LG, Green Valley, AZ


This past week alone was a huge strain on my whole self and shook me to my core but after seeing you and the words and guidance you shared with me I feel so much relief already and I can't even begin to tell you how badly I needed that. Thank you for sharing your gifts, wisdom and kindness with the world. You truly are an inspirational leader and I can't wait to learn more from you on my path!  

K.S., Phoenix, AZ


My friend, who is an excellent channeler, told me everything you do

is really true.

Y.K. of Tokyo, JAPAN


Thank you for all of the guidance you have given me since my mom passed away. It hasn't always been easy but I suppose it was never meant to. That is why the universe put people like you in my life. You helped me laugh through the tears, have faith in the bigger picture, and to know that all things happen for a reason even if I cannot always wrap my mind around it.  I have been truly blessed to get to know you and I will forever be grateful for you. Thank you for helping me with everything.  I have a great deal of love for you and my kids do too. Have an amazing Mother's Day.

J.S., Scottsdale, AZ 


Thank you again, Nataya, for all of your help!  My daughter is now delighting in her gift instead of being afraid of it; she's comforted by the fact that her great-grandmama and my dad are with her each morning to watch over her- she actually laughs at their antics now! This has been extremely healing for us both, so I cannot thank you enough.

C.B., Orlando, FL 


I can't explain how light and happy my heart is since speaking with you. Your insight was accurate and your personality was so friendly. Will definitely be recommending you to many others. Many blessings to you❤️  

K.L., San Francisco, CA

She is really on point and quick to see my situation.  Thank you for all your insights. 

D.S., Boulder, CO  






Testimonials About Healing:

Thanks for the healing. You stopped my cough I had for 3 weeks, cleared my lungs, no more night sweats/fever, cleared sinus/nose & I am breathing easier. You did what 2 doctors could not do!!!! for 4 months!!! jeepers thanks!

D.T., Orlando, FL

Thanks for your healing work. I did not wake up with pain last night!

K.H., Jacksonville, FL


This is amazing!!!!! Nuggie (her dog that has hip problems and couldn't walk) hasn’t been in the house for at least 10 days. She acted like she wanted to come in so I held the door open she was slow but made it in!!!!!!!!!!  Thank You for helping her.
E.L., Young, AZ

Thank you for your generosity and healing. I felt a connection of some sort and peacefulness, nothing dramatic.  I slept very well.  Today the urinary symptoms seem to be gone. When I woke up the word reset came to me. I don't know what that feels like lol but had a sense that my body was reset.  I don't know if that makes any sense.  Blessings 

J.G., Erie, PA

I cannot thank you enough... I can't find enough words, I feel amazing calm and peace right now.❤️ This was such an amazing gift. Sending you love! Thank you!!  

M.C., Jacksonville, FL

He had a better day than yesterday! Totally!   

He says he slept VERY well!! This is great since he was

in bad pain yesterday. Thanks for your healing

energy 🙏🏻😘😘😘

J.S., Huntsville, AL

Holy Moly!!!  You have some powerful helpers you work with.  I got a deluxe inside and out wash and repair last night.  I woke up several times to different stages of "work", I can't remember my dreams but they were definitely weird.  I woke up before my alarm for the first time in WEEKS.  I feel lighter and "clear".  I sure hope this great feeling lasts.  Thank you so much, I have struggling for months now.

T.V., Columbia, MO 

There is a good progress. My mom talked to her doctor today. After six session of chemo there was not much progress. Then her doctor gave her preventative pills. That was when I talked to you in March.  Since then tumors got smaller and they reduced in numbers too. There is still work. But we are thankful :) Thanks to the medicine, to you and to the angels. We are grateful. Best wishes.  

O.Y., Jacksonville, FL

You asked me to be aware of my feelings after the healing session and I must tell you, oh my, I have never felt such peace!  And calmness!  I have not felt depressed or sad or anxious and the little things that usually irritate the “you know what” out of me, I have dealt with calmly.  Even my house feels happier around me.  I am cherishing these feelings and I do want to schedule another session in a month or so.  What a wonderful, blessed gift you have given me.  

R.P., Cottonwood, AZ

I wanted to let you know that I had the most wonderful, peaceful feeling last nite around 7:30, which lasted the rest of the eve, and I slept deeply for about 5 hrs straight...first time since the surgery. I am sure it was related to the healing work you did. You have made a big difference in my healing and recovery, and in my life. May the Goddess bless you!!!!!!! 

S.Y., Rimrock, AZ

I have never experienced so much love...I just burst into tears.  My back pain went away the next day after you did a reading and Soul healing for me.  Thank you so much!  It’s amazing. 

L.R., Sedona, AZ

I feel GREAT!!!!! This is fabulous... I haven't felt this good in months!!! You rock!!! Thank you sooooo much! 

M.S., Boston, MA

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