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Pet Psychic & Pet Healing


This is a painting I did of Chewy in 2004.

If you would like an animal communication or animal healing session send me a note in the box below and we can set up a time.
Raven the cat       

Raven the cat waiting for

a new name.  

Our animal friend love us so much…..I have been amazed when they started to contact me.

I have many instances where animals come to me with their concerns and requests. Here are just a few.


One incident, Chewy, a horse that I have worked with in the past came to me saying that he was concerned about his owner. At first I thought I was making it up, but

after his 3rd attempt, I decided to call the woman and find out what was going on.  I told her that Chewy

had come to me worried about her. Was she okay?  She was surprised and said, yes, she was fine.  Some time

later she informed me that on the day after my call,

she ended up in the hospital with severe lung issues.  Chewy has helped me with the healing work on her lungs. 



This one was a cute request. Raven, the cat, came to me saying he did not like his name. He said he has fur, not feathers.  LOL  I emailed the contact person, Dr. Keith Holden, and he said he will deliver the message to Raven's owner.  Dr. Holden and I  have been sending healing energy to Raven due to his liver and digestive problems and he wouldn’t eat.  After the healings, he began to eat, getting back to health and eating on his own.  Even begging for food now.  Then, I get name change request.  Have to wait and see how he likes his new name. 

Another animal that contacted me was a dog named, George.  I met George several years ago when his owner brought him with her to my home. When George came to me in my mind, he said he was concerned about

his owner. So, I contacted her immediately saying that George came to me and was concerned about her. She told me that she had been very depressed.  We did some healing work on her. 


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