Nataya Crow, Empath, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant,

Spiritual Visionary Artist

Animal Communicator & Energy Healer


As a gifted Intuitive, and Empath for over 20 years, Nataya incorporates the energies of Cartomancy, Numerology, Tarot and Animal Magic into her readings.   Her love for nature has given her a deep connection with animals and a passionate love for Mother Earth from whom she receives inspiration.


"I believe Spirit is always sending us messages to help guide us on our paths in life.  My calling is to serve humanity through my gifts of connecting with Spirit Guides, Elementals, Totems Animals and healing for my clients."

Nataya Crow moved to Sedona in 2003 where she does phone readings, and paints client's, Totems Spiritual Portraits, for commissions and creates other works of fine art.   

“I love to let the art and nature speak to me and tell me what’s there.  I set an intention for healing energy to come through the art for the individual and for Spirit to be revealed more fully through me for the highest and best outcome.  I playfully put on the paint on the canvas or paper until the painting speaks to me and shows me what’s there to bring it forward.  I love painting like this.  I call it surrendering to a higher power in art.  What shows up is something greater than I could have imagined and it is very healing.  Hence, the name “Speaking Art”. 


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