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Examples of Soul Essence Portraits:

I love to let the art and nature speak to me and tell me what’s there.  I set an intention for healing energy to come through the art for the individual and for Spirit to be revealed more fully through me for the highest and best outcome.  I playfully put on the paint on the canvas or paper until the painting speaks to me and shows me what’s there to bring it forward.  I love painting like this.  I call it surrendering to a higher power in art.  What shows up is something greater than I could have imagined and it is very healing.  Hence, the name “Speaking Art”.   

These portraits are done mixed media.  I start with watercolor and can use acrylics, oils or ink to enhance.   

This Soul Portrait shows the life of this woman as a Lemurian Elder in a past life...see the image above her head...looks like Medusa.  The fire under her throat tells the story of her demise in that life time. 

This man's portrait is of a past life as a merman.  He was very connected to dolphins and underwater plants and minerals.

This man's portrait revealed that he carries wolf medicine and has healing abilities in his right hand.  Also revealed in the painting was the Eye of Horus and a 7 pointed star which also shows he is a guardian in this life time. 

This woman's portrait revealed her connection with Ixchel the Mayan water goddess.  The dolphin as crown for her head shows she has the ability to use sound in her healing work.  The sea turtle is a symbol heightened sensitivities.  

This woman had an amazing, profound experience with her Soul Portrait & Reading in 2011


Testimonial.  9-16-17


Wow!! The way Creator worked through you, and YOUR willingness to be of service, affected me in a profound way several years ago, and even yet more so today as my story continues to unfold.  Back when I saw you many many moons ago, I was a regional director working with several Native American tribes in healthcare. 


When you read me, you said that EVERYTHING I knew was about to crumble beneath me. You said my work as regional director was not what I would be doing, and only served me to get me closer to my true purpose. My life DID totally fall apart three months after I saw you.


BUT, I stayed close to the fireplace and Holy Peyote ceremonies all these years, and that medicine has kept me strong the many times I considered ending my earthly life. I have come to understand, TRULY UNDERSTAND, that there is a hand, far greater than mine, steering my thread of the total tapestry.


The irony is that when I listened to your tape 2 wks ago, and you/Creator said I would be resetting peoples DNA blueprints!!! I didn't ever remember you saying that back in 2011!!!  But that's exactly what I've been doing!!!  You also said that my DNA line had hidden knowledge of herbal medicines.  I was excited to learn 2 weeks ago, that my birth grandfather from NY travelled the globe working with indigineous tribes using animal musks/parts/flowers and herbs creating essential oils.


You didn't know that my nickname by my parents who raised me, was Pooh Bear, or that my son's wrote me beautiful cards and always wrote them to MoonBear. And yet, when you did my soul portrait, you painted a bear in the sky. As of about 2 wks ago, I met my birth father for the first time, and he handed me his family tree album, and our family crest is that of a bear.


Anyway, happy happy joyful tears at the way Creator works through YOU my friend, and sister! Blessings on you a million times over!


MB, Bagley, MN

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