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Giving Voice to Animals

Pet Soul Essence Portraits With Soul Readings

Giving Voice to Animals is a new theme for my work with animals and pets.  As a lover of animals and nature I am offering my shamanic gifts to give “voice” to the special animals in your life and create a beautiful soul essence portrait and soul reading for your animal friend on earth or those who have passed on in Spirit and still live in your heart.


Nataya is a shamanic artist, she has been painting nature and powerful totem medicine paintings for many years here in Sedona.  See “Totem Gallery Page”.  The Soul Essence Portrait of your pet will have intuitive colors, images and symbols that she says speaks to her as she creates the painting; providing you with the “Voice” of what your pet wants to show you through their expression in the art.

Nature and animals are always communicating with us.  Most of us have forgotten how to listen.  For me, they will flash a picture to show me what they desire. Or, I will hear a clear communication.    


My intention is to create a memorable experience for you and that special animal in your life.

Contact me in the box below and Go to "Services Page" for pricing.

He still crys over Ace, and thinks you did such a wonderful job on his painting, that he breaks into tears every time he looks at it.  

JS, Huntsville, AL

WOW!  Oh you got it!  You got it.... you got it!!! Her essence is right there. captured that look in her eye!

LS, Sedona, AZ

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