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Discover your AnimalTotem!


Eagle, Raven, Bear, Wolf, Buffalo....What do they mean?

At birth we are given several spirit animals to guide us here on your Earth Journey.  They have characteristics that will help us to succeed. These are called our Power Animals or Totems.

Our birth Totems never change, but from time to time we will inherit a Power Animal guide that has come to us to help with a problem, goal, or health issue. The eagle in this painting came to help this person with a serious medical issue.  Eagles are known for their healing abilities.


During meditation one time, an elemental being came to me and said rather sarcastically, "You humans are always looking "up" for your salvation, we are down here willing to help but no one ever asks." I said that I wasn't aware of what they do and never was told to ask. Since that time I have asked them for help and they show up in my art and provide amazing healing powers. 


These paintings are living art. They connect you to higher dimensions of consciousness and carry frequencies of earthly totems also. These consciousnesses want you to succeed. 


The images that reveal themselves to me are the ones that will help you on your Spiritual Journey and show you what “Medicine” you carry and/or you need for support.  Even months after you receive the painting different images will show up revealing even more.


I have had the pleasure of working with Nataya and her many gifts for a while now.  She recently did my totem painting that was so powerful and inspiring that it took me a while to take it in the magnitude of it.  An indescribable gift!


Then I just had a birthday reading for the year ahead and it has already dramatically changed the course of my life by showing me where I need to focus, what I need to let go of and what my spirit wants for my fulfillment.  I couldn’t be more grateful to her.  Brava!!!!

S.S. Longbeach, CA

Omg Nataya!!! I am bursting inside with joy n energy!  Hooray!! Your gifts are wicked strong, Nataya! With the wisdom of the polished pearly crone moon, my childlike joy, innocence, and wonder is being returned to longer a victim of abuses of power, my healed Divine feminine as a beautiful pearl dropping into my restorative sleep. Humbled n grateful. I cheapen the experience by even trying to put words to it.  Aho!  

A.L., LC, MN

For the Totem Paintings, you did not speak to my kiddos at all and you got each one of them spot on ~ truly!  You are a talented artist and a cool spiritual tuning fork!  

R.E., Shreveport, LA

When I brought your creations into my home, I brought living energies into my home and I am blessed by their very real presence. THANK YOU for channeling them and sharing them.

R.P., Cottonwood, AZ



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